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Executive Summary 

ATID FASHION BRANDS LTD. unique offering is its well established and deep know-how of the Israeli market and its experience with promotion and sales of leading international brands in Israel.

The expertise of A.F.B is our ability to promote, build and boost international known brands to the Israeli market, coordinating with the largest retailers and distributors that specialize in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distributing of our brand products.
The company specializes in working with leading international brands, identifying their potential, selecting the market position for each brand and is proud of the success of our stringent selection of licensees, retailers, and distributors for each brand.

Fashion and clothing, apparel, jewelry, watches, eyewear, footwear, bags and wallets, accessories, gifts and gadgets, home textile, cosmetics, toiletries, makeup, paper products, Mobil phone accessories, underwear, socks, and more, are just some categories that the company has had experience with.

A.F.B has joint ventures and license agreements with MORE THEN 50 Israeli companies in all major categories for the brands the company represents. Our products are being sold in over 600 stores, including department stores, specialty stores, etc.

With respect to advertising, A.F.B is very active in promoting its brands with advertising and public relations, catalogs, fashion shows, trade shows, newspaper advertisements, company events, as well as road signs, etc.

Company History

A.F.B is Israel's leading brand licensing and franchising agency and consultancy. We recognized that fashion, sports and lifestyle brands were poorly served within licensing and franchising. We understood that brand owners need to develop their brand over a long period in a category they don't understand.
We decided to employ people from fashion, sports and lifestyle brands to enables us to understand what our brand partners need. We truly understand product innovation and category relevance. Through a strategic approach to brand licensing, A.F.B has created trusted partnerships with long term value for both licensors and licensees. Our approach has always been different from traditional licensing. At A.F.B, we aim to create long-lasting value for brands through carefully designed licensing programs.
We work with some great brands, but more importantly, we work with some great people.

Our Services

Brand Representation

A.F.B deliver strategic and well developed licensing programs for owners of high caliber brands, including luxury, lifestyle, corporate and globally recognized fashion and sports brands
We are understanding the emotive nature of brands and work with brand owners to understand the direction they want to pursue with their property. We develop and manage the licensing program in a controlled manner to ensure it meets the brand's every need.


Franchising is the replication of a proven service model. Unlike licensing, franchising is the expansion of a current business model. We develop an operations procedure for a franchise model and ensure your internal structure and your business model is capable of supporting franchising.
We find suitable partners and place you in the perfect territories for your brand.

Brand Acquisition and Disposal

A.F.B extensive network and contacts make us well placed to assist companies in buying and selling brands and finding potential partners.
We establish an understanding of what the buyer/seller requires and endeavor to match that requirement within the market place.

Brand Consulting

Through our in-depth knowledge of brands and consumer needs we understand a brand's strengths and which areas and categories they will work within. Through this, we have an absolute understanding of a brand's reach. Equally, should an unmet consumer need in a specific area become apparent, we can identify brands that could fill that space.
We offer our understanding of brands, consumers and licensing on a consulting service whether that is as licensing experts for legal cases or a business wanting to know the licensing potential of their brand properties.

Brand Owner Benefits

We help you design a bespoke licensing program to suit your individual brand; selecting partners that have experience in specific product categories creating brand extensions that will appeal to the consumer and fit your brand profile. We manage the ongoing relationships, processes, and administration that are part of the success of our partnership.
We have developed a proven method of working which enables brand owners to grow recognition and increase revenue whilst looking to minimize risk.
Our specialist team will make your brand recognition grow by providing the structure and dedication your brand deserves